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If you would like to see past news and updates, please explore our newsletters archive. See how the world has changed and events that have continued to make an impact.

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Understanding The TimesDid You Think You Would See This?


My thanks to Prophecy Update for making a video of my e-newsletter from last month, I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE DAY.  I hope you enjoy it. I suspect it will resonate with you! It is less than 9 minutes in length.


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Save Souls Danger: Enemies Within!

Jan Markell spends the hour with Trevor Loudon discussing his DVD production “Enemies Within.” He reveals the vast Communist and Islamist infiltration of America into our highest levels of government and national security. He names the names of dozens of them. America has been radicalized and today’s church has played a role by neglecting this information. Loudon exhorts pastors to change course while there is still time. Find his film at www.enemieswithinmovie.com. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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2016 & 2017 Conferences

2016 Understanding the Times ConferenceOn October 15, 2016, over 6,000 people attended our one-day Understanding the Times conference near Minneapolis. Speakers included Anne Graham Lotz, Amir Tsarfati, Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Bill Koenig. There was an urgency to better understand our times in light of the Bible. America is at a crossroads.

Find conference CDs and DVDs here.

Click here for information on Understanding the Times 2017.

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