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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Calling Evil Good Again

The "religious Left" is at it again.  The National Council of Churches (NCC) is praising absolute evil, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Is there a positive word to say about him? Perhaps that God loves him in spite of himself.  Nonetheless, I think it is time the "religious Left" take off their clerical collars and come back to reality.  They represent many people of faith and while many NCC leaders and participants are leaning very liberal, there are still good people in their churches who stick around to make a difference. They should protest with righteous indignation.

Very recently a delegation from the NCC praised Ahmadinejad as a pious person and a witty man.  "He comes across as a very religious man," said their Associate General Secretary for Interfaith Relations.  J. Daryl Byler, Director of the Mennonite Central Committee Washington Office described Ahmadinejad as having a measured tone, sounding reasonable and having a witty personality.

Byer sent a letter to President Bush stating that he wished he would meet with the Iranian leader, calling Ahmadinejad "bright and engaging." Byler went on, "Like you, he is a religious man, Mr. President. I believe you would enjoy one another's company. Your conversation could signal a positive change in a relationship severed more than 25 years ago."  Shades of Mike Wallace, I know. He's a man we can do business with.

So just what are some of the characteristics this NCC outfit must admire:
* He sponsors some of the world's worst terror groups by giving them money, weapons, training, and spiritual justification.
* He has harbored some of the world's worst terrorists, giving them shelter, protecting them from retaliation, including many from al-Qaida.
* He has motivated many to kill innocent Americans, Israelis, and others in the most despicable means.
* He kills Americans in Iraq by shipping arms, terrorists, and money to the war zone. He destabilizes the fragile Iraqi government, encourages the killing of Christians, Kurds, and Muslims who don't agree with him.
* He leads a regime that has lied about its nuclear plans for years.
* He cries "death to America" and says Israel should be wiped off the map.  And, he denies the Holocaust even though he is trying to create another one.
* He is a mad man driven by messianic visions and expectations. It is up to him--Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--to bring in the Muslim Mahdi messiah, and then it's really duck soup for the rest of the world.  It would even be fatal to the National Council of Churches in spite of their acclaim of him.

So do the National Council of Churches' reps think maybe he will convert to Christianity?  Miracles still do happen. But Ahmadinejad believes all must convert to Islam starting with George W. Bush.  But the NCC is among the crowd who thinks we can do business with a nuclear Iran, and we can all get along.  If we treat the guy right, things will be fine. Remember, he is "very religious" just like the NCC. So what if it's a different faith. It's more "religiosity."

The NCC delegation included leaders from the Mennonite, Quaker, United Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, and Catholic churches. I think they need to do a reality check. There are some outfits you don't do business with and this is one rogue regime that leads the pack.  We are not dealing with a man with a full deck. Ahmadinejad's comments while on U.S. soil recently should have sent a message loud and clear to outfits like the NCC that holding hands with a man like this could lead to unbelievable consequences. Trusting his word could be fatal to nations, not just individuals.  The entire Middle East could go up in flames. An oil crisis the likes of which no nation has yet seen could erupt, and Israel could be devastated by Iranian missiles at any time.

But remember, Israel is just "the little Satan."  When outfits like the National Council of Churches praise a guy who calls their own country "the great Satan," you know strong delusion is running amok.
I suggest rather than doing a "Minnesota-nice" job on Ahmadinejad, the NCC reps share the gospel with him and tell him he needs a Savior, not a Mahdi.

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness..."(Isa. 5:20).

Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Was Jesus' Return a Waste of Time?

Originally posted in October 2007

ChristianNet.com recently asked readers to respond to the question, "Are we living in the end-times?"  Of the hundreds surveyed, 75% responded positively.

One said, "Everything Jesus spoke about in regards to the signs of the times at His return is happening right before our eyes."  Many of the respondents agreed that what is happening in the world today is fulfilling Bible prophecies regarding the last days.

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Originally posted in September 2007

In September, "Christianity Today" (C.T.) online came out with an article titled "What it Means to Love Israel." Knowing C.T. has leaned left in recent years, I dared not get my hopes up regarding the report. I'm glad I did not.

I am being kind when I say the article hardly plays fair.

To "Christianity Today," loving Israel means slicing it up geographically and turning over most of the historically Jewish lands to her most bitter enemies. These are enemies who have sworn to destroy her by any means necessary.

But it gets worse. C.T. warns, "Beware of giving the nation (Israel) too much theological meaning..." Excuse me. The Bible is Jewish. Jesus is Jewish. The prophets were Jewish. The apostles were Jewish. The Gospel is to be taken to the Jew first. So what are we to do? Are we to erase or ignore all of this? We would be left with a stripped-down Bible that would make little sense.

The magazine goes on to say that, "True love is sometimes tough love that builds on God's unconditional love. Genesis 12:3 (I will bless those who bless you, Abraham) is often misused as a warm affirmation of anything done for expansion of Israel's influence or borders."

Israel's borders are designed by God! (Gen.15) It's His land. (Lev. 25) He also gets terribly upset at the division of His land. (Joel 3)

Additionally, Israel's borders are expanded only as she seizes territory to defend herself, and then she is expected to return it. In fact, Israel has not "expanded" in 40 years--not since 1967--when its survival was threatened with calls for war and extermination by her Arab neighbors. At that time she took some territory including Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and Gaza.

Today Gaza has been purged of all Jews and what is left? It is a haven for al-Qaida, Hamas, and other terror groups. What blinds people like "Christianity Today" from seeing that the same will happen when other territory is given up for this glorious Palestinian state? And has there been peace since Israel did this two years ago? Hardly. As this is written, terrorists in Gaza are shelling Israeli schools. The Gaza infrastructure is destroyed and the Palestinians there are penniless and jobless. Before Israel ceded control of Arabs in the region to the Palestinian Authority, the Arabs in the area experienced unprecedented prosperity and freedom known nowhere else in the Arab world.

But "Christianity Today" does not mention the fact that the Palestinians are relegated to a life of tyranny and oppression under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas.

And what about the systematic oppression by same of Arab Christians? Remember, the Palestinian Authority is the precursor to the Palestinian state that C.T. so covets and is the answer to world peace according to the United Nations. How can fellow Christians at "Christianity Today" not spend more time condemning Palestinian nationalism responsible for the slaughter or fleeing of tens of thousands of Arab Christians? In some areas there is ethnic cleansing going on, but no mention of that in the C.T. analysis.

The magazine takes shots at Dispensational Theology and suggests those who hold to that refuse to find any fault in Israel's secular leadership. They can get away with anything and we will look the other way. Please understand that the love for Israel by Dispensationalists and others is not based on the character of the Israelis but rather based on Scripture. It would be disingenuous of us not to criticize the secular humanist approach of some of her leaders.

"Christianity Today" concludes, "In a post-Holocaust world, the security needs of Israel must be honored. At the same time, restorative justice must set aside absolute claims from any parties and find a workable middle ground in which Palestinians can have a viable economic life." Yes, if only their leaders would allow them to do that.

Why is the only negative and critical focus on Israel? She remains "the apple of God's eye," a strong American ally, and the only democracy in a region of the world gone mad. Can't she have a few Christians who unashamedly love her and stand by her? A few Christians who say to the Israelis, "Israel, you are not alone." Yet the term "Christian Zionist" today takes on negative implications, slings, and arrows.

So be it. I am one.
You would benefit by visiting out "Israel" category on the Web site here There are some moving visuals provided for you. Also visit our category "Palestine" here but only if you are willing to read the inconvenient truth.

Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Rewarding Not-So-Bad-Terrorists

Originally posted in July 2007

This week President Bush announced an upcoming international meeting of representatives from nations that support a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, which reject violence, recognize Israel's right to exist, and commit to all previous agreements between the parties. Many of those "nations" are in the Middle East and consider Israel's very existence to be an outrage, or as they call it, a "catastrophe."

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Answering "The Bible Answerman"

Originally posted in July 2007

Hanegraff states "Much of American Middle East policy is influenced by a huge voting bloc of evangelicals who are taught not to question Israel's divine right to the land.

"God is not pro-Jew. He is pro-justice. He is not pro-Palestinian. He is pro-peace. Only a gospel of peace and justice is potent enough to break the stranglehold of anti-Semitism and racism fueled in part by bad theology."

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Gaza: And Nobody Saw it Coming?!

Originally posted for June 2007

The ghost of Yaser Arafat lives on as his successor, Mahmoud Abbas, is simply Arafat in a $1,000 suit. The stripes on a leopard don't change easily. In the Islamic world, they hardly ever do.

But to Abbas' credit back in January 2006, while under extreme U.S. pressure to have "free Palestinian elections," Abbas earnestly sought to delay them sensing Hamas would come to power as they did. So the brutal reign of Hamas began, duly elected. The White House and State Department insisted on the elections, sure that the "curative powers of democracy" would solve many issues. Rice later stated, "Nobody saw it coming," meaning the win by Hamas.

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

No Ties to Terror? You've Got to be Kidding!

Originally posted in May 2007

Where are you Muslim moderates? We have not heard one peep from you since six Muslim men were caught before a nightmare disaster scene at Ft. Dix in New Jersey. Are you with us or not? Are you flying the American flag? Are you loyal to anyone or anything other than the Koran and some mullahs?

Eight years ago America opened its arms to tens of thousands of ethnic Muslim Albanian refugees from Kosovo. The first plane load came to Ft. Dix, NJ.
Military leaders worked day and night to turn the base into a family-friendly village for them, including ethnic food preparations. The man in charge, Gen. Zais, said, "We want to welcome these people to America the way we might wish our grandparents and great-grandparents had been welcomed to Ellis Island."

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Beware of the Christian Taliban

Originally posted in April 2007

No other group in America would tolerate this kind of hostility. Imagine dramatizing the villains as Islamic fundamentalists. While in the minds of some there is little difference between Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists, political correctness is displayed among most all minorities except Christians. It's open season on Christians.

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

The Appease Disease -- Again

Originally posted in March 2007

I have concluded that some of America's leaders are having tea with the Mad Hatter and that the brew has been spiked to alter judgment. There is a new Washington policy to dialogue with (and appease) our bitter enemies, Iran and Syria. Condoleezza Rice has just stated we will start to negotiate with them over Iraq and other issues. Go back in history and put this scenario in the middle of WWII and imagine the fall-out. Somebody tell me what is different about our enemies 60 years later other than that they are more brutal?

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Originally posted in October 2006

The Christian Research Institute founded by Dr. Walter Martin, is now under the leadership of Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answerman. I say he's the "Bible Basher-Man" though to be fair, some of the false teachers he exposes deserve it. Others don't because they are not false; rather, they are blatant truth-tellers. I am not above naming names of those I think are a threat to the sheep, so I give Hank some space there.

However, I don't cut him slack when he denounces the truth-tellers, the on target prophecy teachers, and sound, biblical scholars. He's gone overboard on this in recent months. He's confused a lot of people on the fence not knowing what to believe about the end-times. And he never does it with love and for that matter, he and his guests have a note of derision in their voice.

He recently featured Steven Sizer and his book, "Christian Zionism: Road Map to Armageddon." I've been a Dispensational Christian Zionist for decades but have never encountered the so-called "road map." But these men believe it will mysteriously lead to Armageddon which is their way of denouncing solid Dispensational theology, or for the newcomer, "Left Behind" theology. Testimonials for Sizer's book read like the "Who's Who" of the religious Left. One testimonial reads, "After reading Sizer's book, I believe that Zionism, both political and Christian, is incompatible with Christian faith." The lowest blow is the fact that they called Christian Zionists "cultists."

Why is it that Christians standing by Israel is so offensive that we are "cultists"? We are incompatible to faith? Can't she have just one little group that is willing to stand with her both because of her biblical importance past, present, and future, and the fact that she is America's ally and a strong democracy?

Sizer and Hanegraaff spent two hours blasting away. She doesn't deserve the land. There is no uniqueness to Jerusalem. I guess she rates with the Canary Islands.

Hank is at it again. In recent days, he and Gary DeMar, both Preterists, say that all prophecy is history. It all happened in 70 AD. The Tribulation was the persecution of the saints. Nero was the Antichrist. Preterism cannot be substantiated from the Bible unless you jump through so many hermeneutical hoops that it stretches credulity. You can read more about it at my "Prophecy Watch" link here. Scholar Dr. David Reagan was one of our conference speakers October 6-7.
To hear Hanegraaff and DeMar you would think people with the proper eschatological view had a mental disorder. Certain Dispensational teachers are addressed as though they were theological infants. Some of those included Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and Dr. Thomas Ice. This is nothing new. It is also nothing new that these men and others are never invited to the program to engage in debate or dialogue.

I have talked privately to Gary DeMar. DeMar, Hanegraaff, Gary North, and Ken Gentry, are the four Preterists leading the pack in denouncing the truth, confusing seekers after Bible prophecy truth, and skewing the Bible as it concerns the last days. DeMar talked to me about coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and asked that I set up a debate for him. I said, how about using Hanegraaff's platform of millions for that, Gary? Why won't Hank allow that on his program? What is he afraid of?

There are some public debates and for this I give DeMar some credit. You can listen to one at this link. Look for the "Free Download" debate between DeMar and Dr. Thomas Ice. You will learn a lot about this theology that is growing by leaps and bounds largely due to the high profile "Bible Basher-Man", Hank Hanegraaff who never misses an opportunity to skew the end-time scenario.

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