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Anti-SemitismKings, pharaohs, generals, fuehrers, Moslem extremists, and more have tried to exterminate the Jews for millennia. The Bible predicts the persecution of both Jews and Christians in many Scriptural references, with an intensification in the “end-times.” The Arab world fans the flames of anti-Semitism, as well as much of Europe and even Canada.

It has become more obvious in America with the push for a Palestinian state. Many, though certainly not all, who are pushing in America for a Palestinian state, and particularly on U.S. campuses, have anti-Semitic sentiment.

Anti-Semitism, The Pipeline of Hatred

Anti-Semitism didn't come to a halt in the interwar period between 1918 and 1939. As a matter of fact, it continued to display its ugly head with almost all of the original characteristics it had garnered over the centuries. Who could have thought that within less than two decades, the worst was about to take place, and about one third of world Jewry would be eradicated?
Hitler came "legally" into power in 1933 and started his campaign against the Jews that would result in the Holocaust and the killing of 6,000,000 Jews all over Europe, not to mention other groups as well like the Gypsies and various religious minorities.

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Monday, 25 August 2014 06:48

The global pogrom

There is a global pogrom underway.

This is a terrible truth. And people tend to ignore terrible truths.

And there is another terrible truth: The global pogrom has been underway for more than a decade. It has taken lives. It has destroyed property. It has wounded, brutalized and terrified Jews and Jewish communities in many nations. And it is creating a silent exodus, a de facto expulsion, an ethnic cleansing in slow motion.

This is a terrible truth that almost no one wants to acknowledge. But over the past month, it has become a truth that is impossible to ignore.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014 21:34

Why Jews Are Worried

An old Jewish joke goes like this: "What's the definition of a Jewish telegram? 'Start worrying. Details to follow.' "

I am often asked by fellow Jews about contemporary manifestations of anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe. "Is this just like 1939? Are we on the cusp of another Holocaust?" Until now, my answer has been an unequivocal "no." I have criticized community leaders who, either out of genuine concern or to advance their own purposes, use Holocaust analogies to describe contemporary conditions. These claims are ahistorical. They overstate what is going on now and completely understate the situation in 1939.

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By Joel Rosenberg

Never in my lifetime have I seen and experienced so many anti-Semitic attacks, in this case often through Twitter. I can't even quote most of the Tweets I'm getting. They are so vile, filled with F-bombs and other obscenities, and language like, "Jews should burn." and "Hitler was right."

I'll comment more in my address today, and in the days and weeks to come ,about what this dangerous trend means and how we can and must counter it.

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"Something historic is happening," Sharansky said. "It may be the beginning of the end of European Jewry."

It is an observation that brings no joy to Sharansky, himself a Europe-born mathematician and chess prodigy who has revolutionized the Jewish Agency by expanding its traditional focus on aliyah to include strengthening Diaspora Jewish identity — a move he said was merely "contextualizing" aliyah but which critics feared would de-emphasize it.

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Monday, 04 August 2014 07:36

Jew-Hatred Flying Like Hamas’ Missiles

I am a daughter of Holocaust survivors, and I'm sad to say, I'm glad both my parents are no longer living. What they would see, to their horror, is déjà vu back to 1933 with an explosion of anti-Semitism, especially in Europe, the UK and even in the U.S. and Canada. Throughout Europe, where Muslim populations have grown substantially along with a left-leaning constituency, out-of-control violence against Jews and Israel has erupted, with the perpetrators using the Israeli-Gaza conflict as an excuse for the "old hatred." This is, in part, a direct result of the media coverage of the conflict. The openly biased written and visual reporting has created a frenzy of anti-Semitism – even though much of this reporting has been, or will be, proven incorrect and to be simple disinformation propaganda.

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The mother of a Jewish Chicago Public Schools (CPS) student tried for weeks to get the CPS to address the anti-Semitic bullying being perpetrated against her eighth grader, but little was done until the parent contacted local media. The bullying got so bad that kids had joined an online game with a team called the "Jew Incinerators."

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 07:03

Hating the Jew you’ve never met

The ADL's massive Global 100 surveyof worldwide anti-Semitic attitudes, published Tuesday, offers some sobering statistics. Some 1.1 billion adults harbor anti-Semitic views. In the Middle East, 74 percent of adults agreed with a majority of the survey's 11 anti-Semitic propositions, including that "Jews have too much power in international financial markets" and that "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars."

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LOOK back over past centuries in Eastern Europe and you will see the same recurring story – a potent combination of imperial forces and peasants uniting to attack the Jews.

My own grandparents’ families fled Poland and Latvia to escape pogroms in the nineteenth century. And you do not need me to tell you what happened when anti-Semitism was given its head under the Nazis.

We do not know for certain who is behind the chilling leaflet demanding Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk register or be deported. But it’s a sign of how anti-Semitism remains as potent and dangerous as ever that it is entirely believable.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014 18:13

Surge of anti-Semitism sets off alarms

'There are bad things going on ... there's a lot going on that needs to be taken seriously'

Anti-Semitism is on the rise across Europe – big time.

Experts who spoke with WND and recent surveys indicated hatred of Jews is soaring to record levels throughout much of the region.

In some countries, such as Greece, Hungary and Ukraine, anti-Semites are even serving openly in parliaments and official bodies.

Many areas also are seeing surging numbers of reported attacks on Jews and anti-Semitic attitudes.

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