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Anti-SemitismKings, pharaohs, generals, fuehrers, Moslem extremists, and more have tried to exterminate the Jews for millennia. The Bible predicts the persecution of both Jews and Christians in many Scriptural references, with an intensification in the “end-times.” The Arab world fans the flames of anti-Semitism, as well as much of Europe and even Canada.

It has become more obvious in America with the push for a Palestinian state. Many, though certainly not all, who are pushing in America for a Palestinian state, and particularly on U.S. campuses, have anti-Semitic sentiment.

Anti-Semitism, The Pipeline of Hatred

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 07:03

Hating the Jew you’ve never met

The ADL's massive Global 100 surveyof worldwide anti-Semitic attitudes, published Tuesday, offers some sobering statistics. Some 1.1 billion adults harbor anti-Semitic views. In the Middle East, 74 percent of adults agreed with a majority of the survey's 11 anti-Semitic propositions, including that "Jews have too much power in international financial markets" and that "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars."

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LOOK back over past centuries in Eastern Europe and you will see the same recurring story – a potent combination of imperial forces and peasants uniting to attack the Jews.

My own grandparents’ families fled Poland and Latvia to escape pogroms in the nineteenth century. And you do not need me to tell you what happened when anti-Semitism was given its head under the Nazis.

We do not know for certain who is behind the chilling leaflet demanding Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk register or be deported. But it’s a sign of how anti-Semitism remains as potent and dangerous as ever that it is entirely believable.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014 18:13

Surge of anti-Semitism sets off alarms

'There are bad things going on ... there's a lot going on that needs to be taken seriously'

Anti-Semitism is on the rise across Europe – big time.

Experts who spoke with WND and recent surveys indicated hatred of Jews is soaring to record levels throughout much of the region.

In some countries, such as Greece, Hungary and Ukraine, anti-Semites are even serving openly in parliaments and official bodies.

Many areas also are seeing surging numbers of reported attacks on Jews and anti-Semitic attitudes.

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Throughout the academic and cultural world, the Israel boycott movement is growing.

For decades, the American Studies Association has labored in well-deserved obscurity. No longer. It’s now made a name for itself by voting to boycott Israeli universities, accusing them of denying academic and human rights to Palestinians.

Given that Israel has a profoundly democratic political system, the freest press in the Middle East, a fiercely independent judiciary, and astonishing religious and racial diversity within its universities, including affirmative action for Arab students, the charge is rather strange.

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Saturday, 11 January 2014 13:26

A ‘Frank’ look at American anti-Semitism

So why have so many American Jews felt besieged? Perhaps the scars of European hatred made them hyper-vigilant for signs of stigma. Moreover, certain Jewish advocacy groups raise more funds by exaggerating dangers than by celebrating American hospitality. But overwhelmingly, the experience of Jews in the United States deserves more admiration and wonder than shame or fear.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013 10:07


The temperature of our sick world can be measured from many different perspectives, depending of one's area of interest or expertise. The proverbial frog of Western civilization in the slowly boiling pot of tolerance and universalism continues to sustain more heat. Enough heat could very soon be generated to cripple the frog inside the pot, to a point of no return.

I am definitely not talking about Global Warming but would like to give us all a Global Warning in the area of the New Anti-Semitism. While I never encourage dwelling on negative or tragic issues, it is necessary to remember and learn from the past to help shape the future, so allow me to review some of the key events of 2013. You can also read the full article for each month by clicking on each title throughout this post.

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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 07:57

Tackling Leftist Anti-Semitism

Most Jews are baffled by the reaction of leftist commentators to events in the Middle East. There is relatively little outcry when Syrians butcher Syrians, no outcry when Iraqis murder Iraqis, whereas any Palestinian finger grazed by an Israeli bullet invites immediate outbursts of wholehearted indignation. The cognitive dissonance of leftist elites has reached such proportions, that many Jews have decided that perhaps anti-Semitism plays a role in generalized hostility towards Israel.

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Saturday, 27 April 2013 08:02

Anti-Semitism is why the Arab Spring failed

About two years ago, when the so-called pro-democracy movement, better known as the “Arab Spring,” began in the region, many commentators hailed it as “a great step forward,” “a turning point in the contemporary Arab world history”, and a “fourth wave of democratization.” I remember those days very well because my colleagues at Iran’s foreign ministry were very excited. Like most Iranians, they supported the toppling of the old tyrants in the Arab world. Many of my colleagues were saying – in private of course – that Iran would be next in the domino effect, and the whole region would take great strides towards democracy.

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Students in some Albany High School English classes were asked to participate in the unthinkable this week as part of a persuasive writing assignment. The objective? Prove why Jews are evil and convince the teacher of their loyalty to the Third Reich in five paragraphs or less.

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Annual report notes incidents against Jews are increasing at a concerning rate; Hungary sees most troubling trends in Europe.

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