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As President Trump's staunchest backers wonder why he has suddenly dropped "Islamic" from two important war speeches, the mystery in the latter instance can be traced to the Pentagon, says an administration source.

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Bongino describes the agency as suffering an "existential" crisis and reeling from recent scandals. And the former agent has provided a sober, detailed look at how one of America's elite law enforcement agencies has sabotaged itself.

Bongino identifies the reason for the collapse of the Secret Service as "mission creep," as the agency has lost sight of its primary mission of protecting the president following its incorporation into the Department of Homeland Security.

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The greatest natural disaster threat to America is the Yellowstone caldera. We could be hit be 1000 category 5 hurricanes and still be nowhere near the danger of this super volcano in Northwest Wyoming. It only explodes once in a distant blue moon but when it does, the volume of ash is stunning. During its last eruption 100 cubic miles of ash were deposited over half of the continental U.S.

A Yellowstone eruption would simply mean the end of the United States as we know it.

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"They won't be able to defend him anymore," said King. He added that, although he has searched and contacted the White House, he has not seen any plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and that there apparently is "no commander of the wall" project.

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Geri Ungurean

As I read the words "We pledge to make our planet great again" it struck me that the Globalist players of the EU are drawing the line in the sand.

They have have even borrowed President Trump's " Make America Great Again" promise – but it's the planet – not a nation or even the European Union. These globalists mean business, and with America stepping away from the Global Warming hoax, the leader of the EU makes it crystal clear that their sites are on the entire world; they are determined to draw all nations into their web of deception.

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Monday, 18 September 2017 06:30

Selfless Acts a Foundation of Houston Recovery

Harvey was different.

This storm assaulted Southeast Texas. It kept raining and raining and raining. It was the storm that wouldn't go away, making three landfalls – two as a hurricane and one as a tropical storm. It rained for four days straight – no light showers, but sheets of hard, driving rain.

My home was literally surrounded by water.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017 21:04

Seduction in the Storm - Terry James

We are currently writing a book called "Deceivers: Exposing Evil Seducers and Their Last-Days Deception." I say "we" are writing it, because it is to be one of my books that presents a compilation of chapters by some of the most recognizable names. These include Todd Strandberg, Jan Markell, Dr. Dave Reagan, Gary Stearman, Dr. Gary Frazier, and others.

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And via Fox News, here's video of Shapiro's speech itself:

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Megachurch pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and California Roman Catholic Bishop Kevin Vann recently opened up about their years-long friendship and cooperation as a model for evangelicals and Catholics around the world to follow.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017 07:11

The Sabotage of Christianity from Within


Dr. Mark Hitchcock is Jan and Eric's guest and says that the greatest danger to the church is apostasy from within. As we move more into the last days, the predicted apostasy will only increase as it prepares the world for the final Antichrist. They also discuss current events that are driving the world to turn to a "man with a plan" to solve the many global problems. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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