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Thursday, 29 September 2016 07:17

Abedin Family Values

Why we should all be troubled by Hillary Clinton's closest adviser.

Nevertheless, if past employment history and family background are any indication, Abedin may spell trouble. Huma Abedin's father, Syed Abedin, had close connections to the Saudi government as well as the neo-fascist Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, Saudi Arabia now views the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization as does Egypt, Russia and a smattering of other Arab countries.

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On Wednesday's "Sean Hannity Show," FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai (R) stated that the plan to "essentially give up the US oversight role...of the Internet" to ICANN is something that should worry anyone who cherishes "free expression, and free speech rights generally," and could potentially cede oversight of the Internet to "foreign governments who might not share our values." He further stated that such a move is "irreversible."

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 18:37

The Rapture, What’s to Fear?

One of the most comforting pictures of the Rapture in Scripture is that of the Bridegroom coming for his Bride. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul purposely used language to invoke images of the Jewish wedding customs of their day when speaking of Jesus' return for His Church.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 12:38

Millions Missing

(Corrected link. Forgive the technical problems.)

If suddenly, in the blink of an eye, you find that a large number of people all over the earth have vanished into thin air, the following are important facts about what has happened.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 11:43

It's Time For Trump - Cal Thomas

Now that all of my inside-the-beltway, elitist, morally superior friends and colleagues have weighed in with their self-righteous denunciations of Donald Trump, it's my turn.

After initially opposing his candidacy for president, I have come around to another point of view.

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Pay attention to this. This may be one of Barack Obama's most sinister moves. -- OTM

It's three days from now. It's October 1st, the end of the fiscal year. It's what Obama's been striving for, is to jam this thing through, while nobody's paying attention. We can't let that happen.

"Come up on the net, folks. Call other talk radio show hosts, other folks that you're dealing with, your editorial boards. Get engaged in this thing," Gaffney implored, concluding:

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And the administration's cover-up.

The Obama administration has been concealing the staggering breadth of terrorist activity in the United States – quantified as close to 8,000 terrorist encounters in a recent year -- a leaked government report suggests.

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It's a boy! A five-month-old boy is the first baby to be born using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three people, New Scientist can reveal. "This is great news and a huge deal," says Dusko Ilic at King's College London, who wasn't involved in the work. "It's revolutionary."

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"For a country and people who have historically valued life more than death, truth more than deception and the rule of law and common sense more than tyranny or hedonism, the rise of Satanism probably comes as a shock," counseled Payne. "But for those who have watched the promotion of occultism, spiritism, demonism and hedonism in the media in the name of 'pluralism' are not surprised. It is simply more evidence of our culture's fascination with narcissism, death and rejection of common sense."

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 16:44

End-of-Days Violence – Part 1 - Terry James

As many who read these commentaries are aware, I consider this to be the most relevant prophecy to our time because of specific factors. Jesus was prophesying here about exactly how things will be in culture and society upon the earth at the time He intervenes catastrophically into the affairs of mankind.

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