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We are in a time when Strong Delusion is happening throughout the church. I cannot say whether the people who are practicing apostasy were ever born again - only God knows that. But we who are born again must test all things against God's Word.

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Saturday, 01 October 2016 07:47

Is There a Leader Who Can Stop the Chaos?


Jan Markell and Eric Barger talk to Amir Tsarfati from Israel. The world is clamoring for a leader who can stop the chaos that is mounting and spreading around the world. Amir considers some of the most important events in 2016 as they relate to eschatology. He reminds us God gave us Bible prophecy to prepare us, not to scare us. God has the future planned and the November election won't determine the path going forward. Amir is one of our conference speakers October 15 in Minneapolis. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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The White House press office on Friday struck out "Israel" as the country in which Jerusalem is located when distributing a transcript of President Obama's remarks at the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

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Friday, 30 September 2016 15:20

We're Hunting Pretribbers

None of us should ever call people with different eschatological viewpoints, heretics or false teachers. Let's all get a clue.

That said the level of rancor I've seen against pretribulationism fascinates me. It almost ranks with the animosity I see against modern Israel. In fact the only reason I ever became interested in the rapture timing debate was because of this weird anti-pretrib phenomenon.

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A 21-year-old college student was attacked in El Cajon, California simply for wearing one of Donald Trump’s signature, red “Make America Great Again” hats -- and it was all caught on video. 

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Friday, 30 September 2016 12:41

Things Fall Apart - Hal Lindsey

"The Second Coming" presents a nightmare view of the future, with Satan winning in his war with God. It's a picture the devil would like everyone to buy into. And with interest in the poem so high, that's apparently happening.

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The Blockstack approach should make shutting down the internet or blocking a particular site considerably more challenging.

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Friday, 30 September 2016 06:50

The Fifth Trumpet

But, those passages have been given mostly a token glance even by those who claim to take them seriously. Since the church will not be on earth experiencing those horrors, some Christians just avoid any real study of them because they are very unpleasant, or maybe because they know they have loved ones who will be left behind, or maybe because they think they have made enough preparations to live through it, or maybe because they are hoping God is grossly exaggerating everything and it won't happen after all.

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Friday, 30 September 2016 06:46

Mike Lee: Obama about to become Big Brother

Warns Americans could see phones, computers hacked by feds

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is drafting legislation to block a new Obama administration rule that would allow the government to hack into the devices of any American on the permission of a single judge – without the need for any evidence of wrongdoing.

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Thursday, 29 September 2016 16:35

Thou shalt not reinvent Truth

Approximately 50 evangelical leaders have co-signed a letter calling on their liberal counterparts to recognize their misguided, unbiblical beliefs.

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