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When Trump summarized the successes of his first year in office, he emphasized how the prosperity of his first twelve months impacted the lives and hopes of ordinary Americans, wage laborers and others whom the eight years of the Obama presidency had left behind. In doing so he exposed the Democrats in the most dramatic way imaginable.

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The Daily Wire

I have been mocked relentlessly for this opinion, especially by Christians who find any criticism of yoga to be not only wrong but hilarious. It is just a given, in their minds, that Christians should feel free to engage in pagan spiritual practices.

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Truth Revolt

public viewing of President Trump's first State of the Union address was organized in San Diego Tuesday night to give Trump haters something to throw their shoes at. No, that's not a joke. It actually happened.

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Now that he has delivered his first State of the Union address (watch or read), let's set aside the media firestorm and the deep cynicism of most reporters and pundits and ask, What is the truth? In what ways is this unconventional President succeeding? And how is he struggling?

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The Blaze

Why do we still not even have a potential motive for why a gunman opened fire on a crowd of people in Las Vegas? Four months later, the shooting that left 58 people dead and 851 injured is still a mystery.

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Life News

Cecile Richards is on her way out the door as the CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business. But before leaving she is offering one final shot at pro-life medical professionals.

Richards, in a fundraising email to a pro abortion members of Planned Parenthood, essentially says that Christians should be forced to perform abortions.

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Thursday, 01 February 2018 07:57

Government by Crisis - Hal Lindsey

This is an example of America's dysfunction. For many years now, the government has lurched from one crisis to another. Like the budget, most of these crises have been of our own making. When it takes the threat of a long-term government shutdown for Congress to get anything done, it precludes the thoughtful, deliberative process envisioned by America's founders.

The problem is not with the system, but with the spiritual condition of the country trying to operate that system.

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Christian Post

The statement addressed the controversy surrounding the school's decision to give a $500,000 loan in 2009 to now former MBI president Paul Nyquist — who resigned earlier this month — so he could purchase a condo, the questionable use of a luxury suite by Moody trustee and Left Behind fiction series co-author Jerry B. Jenkins, and the doctrinal direction of the institution, among other things.

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Christianity Today

How terminal cancer gave a young historian greater sympathy with those seeking after "health and wealth."

Kate Bowler, author of Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel, sees the so-called "health and wealth gospel" as a response to those who want "an escape from poverty, failing health, and the feeling that their lives [are] leaky buckets. . . . It is an answer to the questions that take our lives apart: Why do some people get healed and some people don't?"

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