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TV personality Bill “The Science Guy” Nye’s recent tongue-lashing for those who doubt evolution’s theory that sludge advanced itself to become man has drawn a response from renowned evangelist and author Ray Comfort.

“Bill Nye is living in the same dream-world as Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and their cut-and-paste clone believers,” Comfort told WND. “These devotees believe in the fairytale of evolution and quote Einstein (who wasn’t an atheist) and Mark Twain (who wasn’t an atheist) as though they too denied God’s existence, when they didn’t.”

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Saturday, 01 September 2012 08:07

What Republicans forgot to say - September 1

You might think with all the speeches delivered here this week at the Republican convention, that every aspect of Barack Obama’s administration of epic scandal and corruption was covered for the American people.

That’s what one would expect Republicans to do with their nine hours of prime-time television programming – or at least with some of the other minor, non-prime-time speeches. Why not tell Americans what that “biased media” we’re always hearing about didn’t tell us over the last four years?

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Friday, 31 August 2012 08:53

The Green War on the Poor - August 31

The Democratic party used to care about poor and working people.

In a nearly full-page op-ed appearing in the business section of the August 25 New York Times, Cornell professor Robert H. Frank lays out the new green agenda for tax policy.

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Nor will conservatism, if Obama wins and is left free to pursue his inner Che.

Karl Marx's Last Stand

The wildly overconfident Left is least attuned to what is at stake for them. If Barack Obama is routed this fall as he should be, it will be worse for the left-wing neo-Marxist views he represents than if he had never been elected at all. For then the voters will have seen what he is offering and rejected it.

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The Democrats and their mainstream media cheering section can huff and puff at Paul Ryan's convention speech, but they can't blow his house down. It was built on a solid foundation.

So powerful was the speech that the liberal establishment is reduced to wailing about alleged lies the speech contained -- dishonest and easily refuted allegations. Ryan delivered a substantive indictment of the Obama administration's failed record and a content-rich, realistic plan for putting this nation back on track to economic growth and fiscal recovery, a plan that includes "protecting and strengthening" Medicare, not "raiding" it.

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As Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi visits Iran for first time since 1979, Tehran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei makes scathing speech against West

The world, Khamenei said "Is in transition towards a new international order and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) can and should play a new role."

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At an event that morning, Reed said, "some reporter came up, shoved a microphone in my face, they asked a question I'm not even going to repeat, but it was denigrating Mitt Romney's faith, trying to get me to say something negative about Mitt Romney's religion. I told them, last time I checked there's not a religious test to serve as president of the United States."

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According to my sources inside the campaign, Axelrod & Co. discussed what might be called the nuclear option: unleashing an attack on Romney’s Mormon faith via the mainstream media.

As Axelrod knew, many pundits credit evangelical Christians, who are heavily Republican and comprise some 14 percent of voters, with putting George W. Bush over the top in the election of 2004.Axelrod was also aware that Mormonism is a fraught subject among evangelical Christians, a substantial portion of whom believe that Mormonism is a cult that is separate and apart from Christianity.

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AMMAN, Jordan - Thousands of Syrians are racing to escape the violence of civil war. As these refugees seek safety, Christians see an opportunity in the midst of tragedy.

In Jordan, they're stepping in to bring the refugees help and hope.

'We Hope God Will Keep Us Safe'

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(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama endorsed a constitutional amendment that would restrict the free-speech rights of political activist groups by overturning the Supreme Court decision in the landmark Citizens United v FEC case that granted First Amendment rights to corporations.

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