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New World Order

New World OrderIt says in Revelation 13 that there will some day be a one-world system; a one-world government. Some have termed this “the new world order”. Another term heard frequently that means the same thing is “globalism”. Various organizations are playing into this. The leading ones include the United Nations, the European Union, and NATO, but more minor players would be world trade organizations like the “North American Free Trade Association” (NAFTA). The Antichrist will be the chief globalist and will head up this one-world system during the Tribulation. The stage is being set.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 06:53

Tragedy in Toulouse

France is reeling from a national tragedy on Monday following a horrific attack on an orthodox Jewish school in the southwestern city of Toulouse that left four people dead, among them a young rabbi and three children, and authorities in search of a motive and a killer.

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