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TerrorismTowards the end of the age, “men’s hearts are to fail them for fear”. That is the goal of the world’s terrorists whose targets are almost always innocent people. Also, an “end-time” characteristic is to be the increase in violence. Many believe that something happened in the heavenlies on 9/11. Certainly a new evil and enemy was exposed: Radical Islam and their goal to wipe out the free world and utterly destroy particularly America and Israel. All of this makes the world long for a “man with a plan”, “Mr. Fix-It”, also known as the Antichrist, who likely waits in the wings to eradicate these seemingly unsolvable problems.

Remember 9/11

Watch a moving, graphic production on 9/11. May we never forget.

Saturday, 05 September 2009 19:00

Cheney: War On Terror Could Last Generations

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Originally posted in January 2004

Vice President Dick Cheney warned that the battle against terrorism - like the Cold War - could last generations, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle.

In a major address to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Cheney devoted a good portion of his significant speech to a grim picture of the war on terrorism and the new kind of mobilization he said it demanded.

Sounding a strident alarm about the increasing prospects of a major new terrorist attack and the extraordinary responses that are required, the vice president suggested that only an administration of proven ability could manage the dramatic overhaul necessary for the nation's security apparatus:

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