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Newsletter Testimonials

"Today after reading your latest newsletter my husband commented, "This is one of the most important and informative pieces of mail we receive in our mailbox." --Alice, Yuma, AZ

"Your ministry and newsletter have played a significant role in helping lift the veil from our eyes." --John, email

"Your newsletter is one of my most valued pieces of mail!" --Janlyn, email

"Jan, both you and Hal Lindsey have such a good grasp on the events of the day. I often think, "I'll wait for Jan's and Hal's explanation of what's happening." --Ellen, email

"You provide information we seldom hear in our churches or anywhere for that matter!" --Joyce, Ft. Myers, FL.

"My eyes have really been opened since I began following your ministry and reading your newsletter." --Peter, Middletown, NY

"I don't have a computer and can't get your radio show, but you really provide powerful information in your newsletter." --Jack, Phoenix, AZ

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