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Downloading the Olive Tree Ministries App

Jan and the Understanding the Times Radio team encourage you to visit the Android Market (Play Store) or the iTunes Store and download the OnePlace.com mobile app for your device. Listed on the OnePlace.com app, you will find our current program available for on-demand listening, as well as an archive of many past episodes.
Of course, you can also download or listen to all programming in the "Complete Archives" section found under the menu heading marked "Radio."

Here are the instuctions for downloading and finding the Understanding the Times Radio program:


1. Open the App Store

2. Search for "Oneplace.com"

Search for OnePlace.com

3. Press the "Free" Button

Press the Free Button

4. Press the "Install App" button

5. Enter Your Apple ID Password

Wait for installation

6. Wait for Download and Installation

Press Open

7. Press Open

Sign Up

8. Press "Sign up with my email" button

Enter Registration Information

9. Enter Registration Information


10. Scroll to the bottom of the list, look for the "Understanding the Times - Jan Markell" Listing, press the blue arrow next to the listing.

Press Play Button

11. Press the Play Button to listen to the latest show.


Click on Archvies for Past Shows, and Offers to see our latest product offer.

Archives Offers

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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