Jan and co-host Eric Barger talk to Dr. Erwin Lutzer. Lutzer correctly points out that the Left and Islam are in sync as both seem committed to wiping out democracy and Christians. Lutzer is concerned about the America church, assuming it will look like the church in Europe that has cooperated with Islam. The three discuss the incredible “infiltration” of the church and America by outfits like The Muslim Brotherhood. But is anybody listening? Dr. Lutzer and Eric Barger are speaking at “Understanding the Times Spring 2014” Saturday, April 26 in Minneapolis, our semi-annual event. Find Lutzer’s book, “The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescenthere. In the closing, Eric Barger gives reasons for faith and testifies to the boldness that a comes from “resurrection power.”  We use the mobile app found on the Home page of  Though we’ve covered similar material before with Dr. Lutzer, this is new programming.

Jan’s guest for the entire hour is Pastor Skip Heitzig. The two discuss how all the signs of the times are coming together. They discuss the end-time strong delusion, the forthcoming blood moons, the coming one-world religion, the stunning departure from the faith and rise of apostasy, the Temple Mount, and much more. They also ponder Ezekiel 38-39 in light of Putin’s recent Ukraine activity. Heitzig is one of our speakers at “Understanding the Times Spring 2014” April 26. We carry his book, “You Can Understand the Book of Revelation” here. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan and co-host Eric Barger begin by discussing his spring 2014 conference message, “Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Returning Soon.” Then they consider the U.S. give-away of the Internet and the threat to freedom that is. It will also harm the spreading of the gospel.  It is a further set-up for the Antichrist kingdom. They close discussing the recent World Vision reversal on gay marriage. The organization has asked for forgiveness for its intent to hire same-sex couples, but it cannot be denied that their intent introduced a potential slippery-slope scenario into the world of churches and ministries even with the reversal. Find Barger’s new DVD on Christ’s soon return here. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan's first guest is Ray Comfort. They discuss his new film, "Noah and the Last Days." This is a counter to the new Hollywood "Noah" film. Then Jan's two guests, both Messianic Jews, discuss the Hebrew Roots Movement. Is this sound?  Shouldn't the church look at their Jewish roots? But does the movement have some cultish aspects to it? The answer to both questions is "yes." So how do we deal with those who propose we worship on Saturday, keep the Feasts, and return to some Old Testament ways? This seems to be forsaking the cross and grace for the Law and Paul warns against this. We try to provide a lot of answers to a lot of related questions. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan plays Dr. Ron Rhodes' second message from "Understanding the Times 2013," The Chronological Plan of the Ages, which is based on his book, "The End Times in Chronological Order." Ron reviews the outline of end-time events given in the Bible in the order in which they occur. You can find his book, "The End Times in Chronological Order" here. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan's first guest is Anita Dittman, Holocaust survivor and subject of Jan's book, "Trapped in Hitler's Hell" found here. They are also the subject of a new World Net Daily documentary of the same name out in a few weeks and found here. You can pre-order the new book and documentary now. Anita spends the first 20 minute segment explaining the "Confessing Church," the church of her youth which was inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Why was this small group of Christians willing to die to save Jews? Then Joseph Farah joins Jan to talk about the possible loss of press freedom in America which could trickle down to Christian radio and TV. This is what happens when a President appoints himself as king. How did this happen in America? We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan and her co-hosts, Eric Barger and Jill Martin Rische, talk to Gary Kah for two segments. How soon is the one-world system arriving in Gary's opinion? They also discuss more recent efforts at spying including the intrusion  and lawlessness of ObamaCare and the FCC attempt to monitor news outlets. Satan has orchestrated things so that the entire globe is in a crisis and this will speed global government. Soon, people will long for it as well as the "man with a plan," Antichrist. More and more, Christians are just seen as intolerant. The New World Order is about unity and we don't fit. The one-world religion is discussed. Gary believes Jerusalem will be the capital of that effort. Then Jan closes with a very short commentary on the "Christ at the Checkpoint" anti-Israel session March 10-14 in Bethlehem. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan's guest is Dr. Cal Beisner from the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, an organization telling the truth about the environmental war. The planet may be dying but God is the scientist behind it, not man. It is outlined in Revelation that we will get a new Heaven and Earth. They also discuss the forthcoming film "Noah" and the abomination it is, although some Christians support it. They discuss the "religion" environmentalism has become and it is rooted in paganism, yet "evangelicals" have adopted this as their favorite topic in the last 20 years. Jan, Eric Barger, and Jill Martin Rische talk about the various evangelical outfits that have adopted a totally green agenda. This is the essence of end-time delusion. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan's guest for the entire hour is Pastor Skip Heitzig. They discuss the "convergence" of all the "signs of the times." From the rise of lawlessness, to Middle East turmoil, to the rise of apostasy, to America's betrayal of Israel, all things are converging for an end-of-days scenario. They also discuss the avoidance of this topic in our churches. We carry Heitzig's book, "You Can Understand the Book of Revelation," and it is here. Heitzig is one of our speakers at "Understanding the Times Spring 2014." We use the mobile app found on the Home page of

Jan's guest is Investigative Sergeant Patrick Crough and "Michael", whose 13 year old son was stalked online. Crough had a short segment months ago. They take the full hour to help educate you to recognize child predators in your midst. The conversation is tough and blunt. Sound bytes are added for emphasis as this topic is essential for our times. Learning the information presented in this program and in Crough's book, "The Seducers Among Our Children: How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators," could save a kid in your life. Find the complete book here and a pamphlet based on it here. The pamphlet is titled, "5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Predators." Our electronic age has turned a serious problem into a pandemic. Get this info before it is too late for a child in your life. We use the mobile app found at

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