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We play Pastor Skip Heitzig’s message from “Understanding the Times Spring 2014,” “What’s So Great About Israel?”  Heitzig reveals the great blessings God has given to Israel, her role in prophecy, and our biblical mandate to stand with her. Jan closes with a commentary on the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. Find the sets of CDs or DVDs of this conference and others here. Our Fall conference is Saturday, October 4. Find info here. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan Markell and co-host Eric Barger spend the entire hour talking to Pastor Jack Hibbs, one of our conference speakers at “Understanding the Times Fall 2014.” Hibbs states that the church is going through “daze” of deception, fulfilling the great “falling away” predicted. People are departing from the faith as predicted. This must precede Christ’s return. They also talk current events and Mideast issues. For information on our Fall conference, go here. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan Markell’s guest is White House correspondent Bill Koenig who is in Jerusalem. The Mideast is on fire due to jihad and Muslims who hate Christians and Jews. Koenig and Jan discuss ISIS, Israel, Iraq, the shaky Obama administration, and the announcement of the new red heifer that could be used in the third Temple yet to be built in Jerusalem.  Where could the current Mideast crisis be heading? To Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38-39 wars? And just what is an Islamic Caliphate and what does it mean to the West? Start with skyrocketing gas prices up ahead. Then program Executive Producer Larry Kutzler interviews “Baruch” in Jerusalem who also talks current issues for the closing segment. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan's guest is Investigative Sergeant Patrick Crough and "Michael", whose 13 year old son was stalked online. Crough had a short segment months ago. They take the full hour to help educate you to recognize child predators in your midst. The conversation is tough and blunt. Sound bytes are added for emphasis as this topic is essential for our times. Learning the information presented in this program and in Crough's book, "The Seducers Among Our Children: How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators," could save a kid in your life. Find the complete book here and a pamphlet based on it here. The pamphlet is titled, "5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Predators." Our electronic age has turned a serious problem into a pandemic. Get this info before it is too late for a child in your life. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Eric Barger and Larry Kutzler take segment one to interview David Murrow about his book and thoughts on “Why Men Hate Going to Church.” Then Jan and Jill Martin Rische talk to Dr. Ed Hindson about his thoughts on 15 future events that will shake the world. He has a book by that title and it is found here.  A few of those events include the decline of America, a coming cashless society, a global economy, a great “falling away” into apostasy, the Dome of the Rock destroyed, another Holocaust, the Rapture of the church, and much more. Hindson is one of our speakers at our fall conference in Minneapolis October 4. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan and her co-host Eric Barger moderate a debate between blood moon proponent Pastor Mark Biltz and blood moon skeptic Dr. Mark Hitchcock. Biltz outlines his case for the importance of blood moons past, present, and future in his book “Blood Moons Rising: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs” found here. The tetrad of four blood moons on Jewish feast days such as Passover and Sukkot are rare and occur near significant dates for the Jewish people. Dr. Mark Hitchcock believes the blood moon references in the Bible are for the Tribulation and apply to Christ’s Second Coming. He is frank that he feels the blood moons of 2014 and 2015 are hype and sensationalism. His book, “Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons”, is found here. We encourage you to read and draw your own conclusion. This ministry believes all signs of Christ’s return, including the “signs in the Heavens,” are on overdrive, and we should pay attention. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan and co-host Eric Barger talk to a number of guests including Dr. Dave Reagan. He reminds us that we really are on borrowed time as we head into earth’s final hours. Find his book here. Jan talks to filmmaker George Escobar about his new film, “Alone, Yet Not Alone.” Then Jan closes with John Lanagan who has contributed to our “Understanding Deception Package 3.” Find that info here. He writes about Alcoholics Anonymous and why Christians should seek other venues for freedom from alcohol. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan and co-host Eric Barger spend the entire hour with Dr. Robert Jeffress. They discuss his new book for part of the hour. It is “Perfect Ending: Why Your Eternal Future Matters Today” and can be found here. Their topics include the Millennium, the Judgment Seat of Christ, the role of the Jews in the last days, the problem with Preterism, and other general eschatology-related topics. Jeffress believes Obama’s governmental overreach is paving the way for the Antichrist. They also discuss his boldness in speaking the truth both in his pulpit and out on secular media. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Jan tackles the issue of Common Core in our public schools. One of Jan’s guests, attorney and spokesperson against Common Core, Marjorie Holsten, calls it “ObamaCore” and says it is worse than ObamaCare. It is indoctrination on steroids and is training kids to be good little global citizens. But it is ruining education. It is huge government overreach. Fifth graders will read a book suggesting Obama is a ‘messiah.’ Our Founding Fathers were supposedly racists. Conservatives are dangerous. Blatant pornography is a part of some curriculum. Then Bryan Fischer from American Family Radio joins Jan to continue the discussion. They consider a Common Core assignment that debunks the Holocaust. Much more info is given out that you need if you have kids you care about who are a victim of this system.  We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

Dr. Ron Rhodes returns for the entire hour to interact with hosts Jan Markell, Eric Barger and Jill Martin Rische. The three hosts fire Bible questions at Ron with topics that include angelology, fallen angels, end-times, Heaven and related eternity issues, and even suicide. Rhodes was the "Bible Answerman" on radio for a number of years sponsored by CRI. Find Rhodes' book, "The Big Book of Bible Answers: A Guide to Understanding the Most Challenging Questions," here. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com on their Home page.

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