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Pastor Bob DeWaay had a personal visit with Pastor Rick Warren in May and Bob gives a report. DeWaay challenged Warren in several areas. Jan and DeWaay also discuss the PEACE plan and why efforts like this will fail. We are reminded about what the Bible says about last days' calls for peace.www.cicministry.org

Dr. David Reagan returns to talk about America in Bible prophecy and current events. He discusses various options as to how America could quickly become a second-rate power rather than the world's superpower. He and Jan also discuss Israel's recent "war drills" that are sending a message to Iran. Reagan is one of this ministry's "Understanding the Times 2008" speakers. www.lamblion.com

Rob Congdon returns to talk about Tony Blair's new ecumenical effort--The Tony Blair Faith Foundation--pressing all religions to get along for the cause of peace. Even Rick Warren has endorsed this and is on the advisory committee. They then go into the eschatology or end-time theology of the Emergent movement. One of the clearest presentations of what "Emergent" is all about. We will eventually carry Congdon's book. www.congdon-ministries.com

John McTernan has been warning America for 20 years that there are consequences when a nation sins. They talk about the ravaging natural disasters from a biblical perspective and the possible tie-in to June's "Gay Pride" month and dividing Israel's covenant land. His book is "As America Has Done to Israel." The Katrina vs Gaza comparisons, though now almost two years old, are stunning and are discussed. www.johnmcternan.name

Brigitte Gabriel brings another homeland insecurity update. She also reviews how John McCain and Barack Obama will deal with the Middle East. Her organization is on the home front battling taxpayer-funded Muslim schools in America which are sprouting up across the country. Because she fought against the one in St. Paul, MN, she is now posted on al-Qaeda's Web site. www.actforamerica.org

Pastor David Barnhart visits with Jan about issues related to the Temple Mount, Bible prophecy, Israel, Jews coming to Jesus, "the silence in the church," the Russian/Iranian invasion of Israel, and much more. His book is "Living in the Times of the Signs: Bible prophecy for the 21st Century." He heads "Abiding Word Ministries." www.thevineandbranches.org

Joel Richardson joins Jan to talk about issues in his book, "Why We Left Islam Former Muslims Speak Out." This is the unreported story of the 21st century: The enormous number of Muslims coming to faith in Christ. They also talk about the various Islamic training camps in America such as Islamberg, NY and the fact that America is again allowing political correctness to bring potential disaster to America.

In Part 1 of hour 2 Kenneth Timmerman gives an urgent update on Iran. If someone does not strike that nation soon, we are courting disaster. He opts for President Bush in his waning months. In part 2 of this hour, Jim Hutchins from "The Jerusalem Connection International" discusses the presidential candidate's stands on Israel and Iran. Sign the petition TJCI has posted at www.tjci.org. Also see www.kentimmerman.com

We offer one of Dr. David Reagan's messages at "Understanding the Times 2007"--"Fifty Reasons Why We are in the Last Days." You can order a complete set of CDs for $30 or DVDs for $50 here. Other speakers included Joel Rosenberg, Ron Carlson, Jason Carlson, and Caryl Matrisciana.

Jan and investigative reporter Paul Sperry discuss his book: "INFILTRATION: How Muslims Are Penetrating Washington." Political correctness and pressure from CAIR and other Islamic groups are allowing people of questionable character to be placed in all high office positions including Homeland Security. Alarming information that all Americans should know about.

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