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Leslie Haskin is a 9/11 survivor. She has a new book and ministry--a ministry of encouragement to those who suffer as she has suffered but has come out victorious. After 9/11, she was declared mentally ill with no good prognosis for recovery. Then God stepped in. This will inspire all who hurt.www.safehugs.com

Dr. Ron Carlson, Jason Carlson, and Jan discuss the plight of the church today, aberrant theology, false teachings, and false teachers. Ron and Jason are a part of our "Understanding the Times 2007" conference October 19 - 20. Go to "CONFERENCES" for more information. Since a primary sign of the end in Matthew 24 is the rise of all these issues, it is highly-relevant information. www.jude3.com

Web Bonus

Jan's message to a Minneapolis suburban mega-church August 26, 2007: "For Zion's Sake." A message in defense of Israel as the whole world gathers against her.

Gary Kah joins Jan in discussing the biggest issue that will usher in the one world system and Joseph Griebowski brings an update with hope on the situation in Darfur. www.garykah.org

"Evangelical Feminism," "biblical feminism" and more are considered, and shot down, by Jill Rische(Walter Martin's daughter) and Dwayna Litz. Who is behind this? What are their purposes? This is a wake-up call for the next deception to hit your church. You could be calling God "mother" if so-called "Evangelical feminists" have their way.



The Death of Discernment and the Rise of Strong Delusion A message by Jan Markell at one of our recent conferences.


Is there modern day significance to the warnings and praise given to the seven churches in Revelation? Pastor Bob DeWaay and Jim Tetlow of "Eternal Productions" believe there is. How can those lessons be applied to today's church? Jan, Pastor Bob, and Jim provide answers. www.twincityfellowship.com www.eternal-productions.org

Contending for the faith is not a joy ride, but as apostasy surges on, some are counting the cost including guests Brian Flynn and Ingrid Schlueter. Jan, Brian, and Ingrid cover an assortment of current issues that indicate we are in the age of the Church of Laodicea. Ingrid hosts "Crosstalk" on the VCY America Network and Brian is author of the book, "Running Against the Wind" which is available at "Our Products."

Brian Flynn remains in studio to continue the discussion of rampant deception in our churches. We hope to encourage you to contend for the faith. Brian is a former "New Age" medium, now warning churches that such practices are entering their doors.


We air a message given by Hal Lindsey at one of our conferences. It was titled, "The Late-Great Planet Earth Re-Visited." CDs are still available at "Our Products."

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