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November 4-5:  Our radio team first looks at the new mean-spiritedness going on with some ministry leaders. What is behind this? Then Ray Comfort spends the balance of the program talking with Jan Markell about depression and suicide and how to overcome.

November 11-12: Our radio team is concerned that the parnanormal is now so normal that people are dancing with demons--Christians included.  They sound a warning. They also discuss the war on free speech. How did we get to a point that Facebook puts users "in jail" for discussing topics that are too Christian or conservative and Google/YouTube shut people down? This is shades of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

November 18-19: Jan's guest for the hour is Olivier Melnick and the topic is the rampant rise of Anti-Semitism. How odd of God to choose the Jews but not so odd as those who choose the Jewish God and spurn the Jews. What's with even Christians marginalizing Israel and the Jews? Who are some Christian leaders engaged in this?

November 25-26: Pastor Billy Crone joins Jan to talk about the Rapture and the attack on it.


December 2-3:  Jan Markell and Eric Barger talk end-time trends with Dr. Ron Rhodes.

December 9-10: Jan discusses the enemies within America with Trevor Louden.

December 16-17: We play Dr. Mark Hitchcock's message from "Understanding the Times 2017" on end-time apostasy in the church.

December 23-24: Melanie Phillips is Jan's guest for the hour.

December 30-31: We play Pastor J.D. Farag's message from "Understanding the Times 2017" on the imminence of the Rapture.








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