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If you are seeking more information or wish to explore a topic or area of ministry beyond this website, please utilize these additional online materials. We’ve compiled a list of links to other reliable and useful websites and resources. Within each listed category, you will find a variety of links for your benefit.

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American Congress for Truth
Brigitte Gabriel’s organization seeking to protect America

Believers in Grace
Discernment from Pastor Bill Randles

Christian Apologetics - Test The Spirit
Outreach of Proclaiming The Message Ministries

Christian Witness Ministries
Discernment from Australia

Defend and Proclaim the Faith
The ministry of John McTernan

Eternal Productions
Discernment, apologetics, evolution, prophecy, films
By Jim Tetlow

Gary Kah
Keeping an eye on the one-world system

Let Us Reason
Mike Oppenheimer’s discernment site

Lighthouse Trails Publishing
Publishing cutting edge books

Reasoning from the Scriptures
The best in apologetics from Dr. Ron Rhodes

Saints Alive
The best of apologetics from Ed Decker

Smiffy37's Blog
Thoughts of Eileen Thompson

Stephen Bennett Ministries
Ministering in love to the gay community

Take a Stand!
Eric Barger’s excellent discernment site

The Christian Worldview
Web/radio ministry of David Wheaton

Truth for Muslims
John Marion’s fine outreach to Muslims

Voice of the Remnant
Encouragement for the remnant

Walter Martin
Keeping the teachings of Walter Martin alive


Prophecy Related

Don Perkins’ prophecy site

Because What's Coming Matters
Prophecy from Mark Hitchcock

Bible Prophecy Basics from Tom Hoffman

Hal Lindsey Ministries
Bible prophecy from Hal Lindsey

It Could Happen Tomorrow
Prophecy from Dr. Gary Frazier

John McTernan's Insights
Current events & eschatology blog by John McTernan

Jerry Robinson Ministries
Prophecy, economics, & more

Lamb Lion Ministries
Bible prophecy from Dr. David Reagan.

Prophecy Depot
Eschatology from Bill Salhus

Prophecy Update
The latest news concerning Bible prophecy

Rapture Forums
Prophecy-related news & information

Rapture Ready
Prophecy-related news & information

Revelation Files
John Terry’s prophecy news & info

The Omega Letter
Bible prophecy from Jack Kinsella

Tracking Bible Prophecy
An overview of eschatology

World of the Bible Ministries
Archaeology, prophecy & more from Dr. J. Randall Price

Prophecy insights from Calvary Chapel, Appleton, WI.

Current events & prophecy


Chosen People Ministries
Effective outreach agency

Friends of Israel
One of the best Jewish outreach agencies

Good News for Israel

Oldest Jewish evangelism agency in America

Jewish Voice International
Global Jewish outreach ministry

Zola Levitt Ministries
Global Jewish outreach via TV

Israel-Related Ministries

Arabs for Israel
The ministry of Nonie Darwish

Christian Friends of Israel
Humanitarian Outreach in Israel

Christians Standing with Israel
Unconditional Support of Israell

David Dolan
Christian journalist/author in Israel

News from Israel

Hebrew for Christians

Honest Reporting

Israel National News/Artuz Sheva
News from Israel

Israel in Prophecy

Jerusalem Newswire
Israel news from Christian perspective

Joel Rosenberg
The ministry of Joel Rosenberg

Koome Ministries
The ministry of Kamal Saleem

Koenig’s International News
News with Israel emphasis

Lunch-Time Prayer for Israel
Israel-based prayer effort

Middle East Media Research Inst

Palestinian Media Watch

The Israel Connection
Inspirational and Informative

The Jerusalem Post
News from Israel

The Jerusalem Connection
Jim Hutchins standing with Israel

The Joshua Fund
Middle East humanitarian by Joel Rosenberg

Victor Mordecai
One of the world’s top terror experts

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