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Monday, 22 January 2018 17:42

Trump: God’s Man of the Hour

Omega Letter

Unlike Barack Obama's meteoric rise from obscurity to international stardom seemingly overnight, Donald J. Trump has been on the global stage for decades. Well-known for his global real estate empire, the Miss Universe pageants, and his hit television show "The Apprentice," then-candidate Trump's announcement to run for the highest political office in the United States still came as a surprise to many. Even more surprising was his seemingly impossible victory over the queen of the deep-state swamp-things. Many rightly attribute Trump's miracle victory as just that, a miracle. So if this is divine intervention, then why? What purpose does God have for a crude and narcissistic man such as Donald J. Trump in these final hours of human history?

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Monday, 22 January 2018 12:42

A Rabbi’s Warning to Christians

There is no better term than propaganda blitzkrieg to describe what has been unleashed against Christian conservatives recently.

Consider the long list of anti-Christian books that have been published in the past few years. Here are just a few samples of more than 50 similar titles, all from mainstream publishers:

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The images captured from these cameras are sent to a central processing unit (for lack of a better term, not knowing exactly what it is), which does the real work of quickly and accurately identifying different people in the store and objects being picked up or held. Picking something up adds it to your "virtual shopping cart," and you can pop it in a tote or shopping bag as fast as you like. No need to hold it up for the system to see.

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Monday, 22 January 2018 07:30

Is the Great Deception Here? - Hal Lindsey


Some call it fake news. Jesus called it deception. When His disciples asked about the signs of the last days, Jesus began by giving His followers this warning: "Take heed that no one deceives you" (Matthew 24:4).

We live in an age of deception – fake news, false advertising, viral lies and clickbait. The mainstream media perpetrate falsehoods regularly, as do various alternative media.

But one of the major sources of 21st-century deception can be found in an unlikely place: our schools. For instance, the U.S. Department of Education urges all public schools to teach Islam.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018 19:21

Sounding of Sirens - Terry James

The devastation will far surpass what that nuclear-tipped missile would have caused, had it been an actual attack. The sirens of Bible prophecy have been sounding–especially in these end of days the secularists call the end times. The devastation, following this imminent, catastrophic event, will result in as much as three-fourths of people on earth perishing over a period of seven years.

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The Gateway Pundit

Tnuza Jamal Hassan, 19, of Minneapolis, was arrested this week after starting six to eight fires at St. Catherine University in Minneapolis.

Hassan told police, "You guys are lucky that l don't know how to build a bomb because l would have done that."

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Sunday, 21 January 2018 13:45

A Region Turned Upside Down

Matt Ward - Rapture Ready

The Arab Spring has changed the geopolitical and prophetic landscape irrevocably. The potential for the fulfillment of significant portions of Bible prophecy has lurched forward because of it.

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By Eric Barger

Have you ever searched for something using Google or other search engines and then immediately noticed that advertising begins to appear on our screens, trying to sell us the very products or services we had just searched for? These ads then continue to appear before our eyes for days or even weeks.

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Saturday, 20 January 2018 07:44

More Distorted Prosperity Gospel

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Fleecing the Flock

For those unfamiliar with the Prosperity Gospel, that's code for "If you send us lots of money God will give you whatever you want." It distorts the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, turning God into some kind of cosmic fairy godmother. Afflicted with cancer? Send Copeland some seed money and God will repay you with a miraculous healing. Behind on your mortgage? Send Copland money and your problems will be solved.

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