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Spiritual Deception

Spiritual DecptionSpiritual DecpetionJesus said on the Mount of Olives (Matt. 24) that deception would be the primary cultural sign of the last days. Even some of God’s “elect” might be deceived by false theologies. “Good would be called evil and evil good” (Isaiah 5:20). Men would substitute light for darkness and darkness for light. Apostasy would consume churches and denominations that were once solid.

Thirteen Heresies in The Shack, written by Michael Youssef addresses 13 concerns with the novel and movie, and what the Bible has to say about them:

1. God the Father was crucified with Jesus.

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Sunday, 05 March 2017 19:32

Jesus (Is Not) Calling

Jesus Calling has been a best-seller, a 365-day devotional study written by Sarah Young. She claims Jesus spoke to her and she wrote down the words compiling a book. And an unsuspecting Christian community is buying it hook, line and sinker.

It's sold over three million copies, and the publisher has released Jesus Calling for Kids, Jesus Calling for Teens and a Jesus Calling Devotional Bible.

The attraction to Christians seems mostly due to the dramatic and emotional wording by using Jesus said in the first person. Young ropes in her readers by claiming she is passing along Jesus' words to her. But they can't be equated with Jesus' words.

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Monday, 27 February 2017 20:43

How Do We Identify a False Prophet?

Jesus in His Olivet Discourse warned that in the end times false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive. Three times in Matthew 24 Jesus made that warning.

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Monday, 27 February 2017 18:45

Why "The SHACK" Is Blasphemous

Due to the intense story, for most readers it causes a flood of emotions to well up inside, masking the theological errors throughout the book. We didn't recommend reading the book when we reviewed it it 2008 (1), nor do we recommend seeing the movie that is coming out in March. Here's why:

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NOTE: Joyner is espousing Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology--a very false teaching. -- OTM

Rick Joyner is asking two clear questions: What is it about Cyrus that is a parallel to Trump? What can we therefore expect from his administration? Joyner then goes on to offer some prophetic insight:

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Popular megachurch pastor Andy Stanley has repeatedly encouraged preachers to stop using the phrase "the Bible says so" and its various iterations. In recent weeks, he has doubled down on his claim that it's time to stop appealing to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, even within the Church, because America is now a "post-Christian" society.

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The emerging church is a movement of the late 20th and early 21st century that crosses a number of theological boundaries. Followers, participants, and those who identify can be described as evangelical, post-evangelical, liberal or post-liberal, reformed, neo-charismatic, and post-charismatic. I refer to it as the Cult of Liberalism.

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Note from Jan: Some weeks ago now videos and photos appeared online of a mysterious ceremony dedicating the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. It is 35 miles long beneath a mountain and connects several European nations.

We have already seen the bizarre at Super Bowl half-time programs and the Olympics. But this lengthy presentation filmed for millions to see is the new gold standard in defining the weird, dark, and debauched.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016 21:08

Understanding Pokemon Go - Eric Barger

However, most players have no biblical understanding of just what they may be embracing. That's expected in the secular world. But many Christians seem to have a problem with just jumping in the pool before checking to see if there are sharks present!

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Reports nationwide are outlining how purported churches across the country are being pulled in by one of the latest societal crazes: Pokemon Go, a mobile game that has users on their feet and out on the town in an effort to capture Pokemon characters at various "PokeStops" set by the game's creators.

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