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May 6-7:  Dr. Randy White explains why your church may not be able to find a pastor. Jan, Eric and Jill address the dilemma millions have in finding a church. What does one look for when looking for a church and what do you do when postmodernism, NAR, prosperity, social gospel, seeker-sensitive, and more, come to your church? You have made friends for life. Do you stay and fight or move on?

May 13-14: Pastor Billy Crone opens throwing a huge warning to those putting too much stock in the forthcoming September 23 "sign in the sky." This is not sound theology. Jan, Jill and Eric also sound a warning on the rising tide of evil happening. It has gotten so bad that witches band together to put a curse on Donald Trump and his supporters. How do we fight back?

May 20-21:  Pastor Bill Randles talks Islam in prophecy. How did Barack Hussein Obama set the Islamic world on fire and also in a place to play a prominent end-time biblical role?

May 27-28: Melanie Phillips, author of "Londonistan," is in-studio for the hour.


June 3-4:  Jan spends the hour with Eric Barger discussing his new book, "Disarming the Powers of Darkness." Satan would like to destroy you and those you love. Learn how to fight back. This is an important hour.

June 10-11:  Jan spends the hour with Brent Miller, writer and producer for the new film "The Coming Convergence."

June 17-18:  Jan opens with Carl Teichrib reporting on a pagan convention he attended. The plans the dark side have are shocking. Then she visits with Pastor Ray Bentley about the "Feasts of the Lord." Learn why many think the Lord will return on Rosh HaShanah.

June 24-25: Our guest for the hour is Pastor J.D. Farag.  












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