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Look Up! Print - ARTWORK

You've often heard Jan recite this at the close of her radio program. Now Jan Hickey has created a print with this familiar exhortation with it's Hebrew translation. It includes a laser-cut, light blue dove super-imposed over a Star of David.
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Artist: Jan Hickey

Encourage yourself or someone you love with this ready-to-be-framed piece of artwork.  Each piece is hand-crafted with special care by Olive Tree's own Jan Hickey and is carefully wrapped for shipping.


Look back and thank Him
Look ahead and trust Him
Look around and serve Him
Look up and expect Him
Jesus is coming again!

Product details:  8 x 10 print

  • Print does not include frame
  • This product is shipped separately from other products that may be on this order


It began in early 2011 when a group of friends gathered to celebrate Jan Markell's birthday.  The design I originally had in mind was an encouraging Bible verse; however, as I considered a number of different verses -- all excellent by themselves -- none seemed to "wow" me.

At that point, my Olive Tree co-worker offered a suggestion: Rather than a Bible verse, why not design the art piece with the quote that Jan recites at the end of her program?  Finally, I had my "Wow!" moment.

As Jan opened the print at her birthday celebration, her reaction -- along with that of our friends -- revealed that it was a hit!  Jan proposed selling it to the public at the 2011 Understanding the Times conference and now it is available through Olive Tree's Web site.

The "Look Up" quote has special meaning.  It was years ago when God gave Jan this reflection as a closing for her radio program.  It has also grown to have a special meaning for her radio listeners as well.

Offered to the public as a hope that it will encourage each of us to "Look up!" and remember that Jesus IS coming again -- soon!

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